Friday, November 6, 2009

Gray's First Halloween

Gray and I picked out a huge pumpkin at the pumpkin patch the week before Halloween. Little did Gray know, I had big plans for our big pumpkin. Josh and I cleaned the pumpkin out, but before we carved it, we put Gray in it.  I took several shots of him thinking he wouldn't like sitting in a cool/damp pumpkin, but he didn't mind it at all. He was mostly concerned with chewing on the rim, so I couldn't get any smiles out of him. Needless to say, I think some of the photos turned out pretty well which is nice, considering this time next year he won't be able to fit into a pumpkin... 
After getting in the pumpkin, Gray needed a bath. He got a bath then got ready for Trick-or-Treating! Gray was a monkey this year and we think he was oh so cute with his costume on! I'm sad you can't see his tail in these pictures, because it was my favorite part of the costume! We took him to a friend's house down the street from us, where he was able to get his own candy out of a witch's pot! He was very excited! I think Gray had an excellent first Halloween!
Gray has changed so much over the last two months. At 5 months he was just starting to sit up by himself, but now at 7 months he is crawling all over the place.  We have learned that he is drawn to electronics (cell phones, remote controls, computers, etc) as well as the dog food bowls. They all seem so enticing to Gray that we can't keep him away from them. He will crawl past his toys to get to any of these items.

He is also pulling up on everything! A day or two after he started crawling, he was sitting in his Pack-N-Play playing one second and when I turned around he was standing up. Now he can pull up on just about anything in a matter of seconds. I am a little fearful that he will be walking (also know as unstoppable) in the next few months! He is also saying 'mama' all the time. It's actually it's more like 'mamamamamamama'. I tell Josh it's because he loves me so much, but in reality it doesn't mean anything (just don't tell Josh) yet.

He finally got his 6 month shots yesterday (long story, don't ask) and the pediatrician told me he was in the 50th percentile. I was a little shocked because he was near the 90th percentile when he was born! I guess that's about all of the Gray news I have to share at the moment.

As far as our California move goes, I believe we have been postponed until January (at the earliest). Josh should be finishing up his flights before we come home for Christmas. Well, that is if the helicopters don't have mechanical problems, the weather is good, he is scheduled for the flights, he does well on the flights, etc.  Once he completes all of the flights, he will be sent to SERE school (which shouldn't happen until some time in January). If you don't know what SERE school is, just be glad you aren't going. I don't really know what all takes place at SERE school but all the stories I hear don't make it seem glamorous or fun at all. It is a school that lasts about two weeks where you are taught survival skills. This includes sending the 'students' out with virtually nothing and making them survive for about a week or until they get caught by the 'teachers.' I think most people are sent to Maine to complete the training, and if you think about Maine in January that might help explain why it is no joy ride. If you want more information, Google it or ask Josh when he gets back. I think I don't want to know until then! And as of now, we will be home for Christmas!

On a sad note, last week was a terrible week for so many service member's families. There were 6 aircraft that went down for one reason or another and many lives were lost. Several of these accidents included Marine planes and helicopters. The aviation community is so small that many families have crossed paths at one station or another. To put it lightly, these accidents hit close to home. We did not know any individuals who lost their lives, but several of our friends did. My heart breaks for each one of these families, and it also reminds me of how dangerous Josh's career is. It is easy to forget that an accident could happen any time he is in the air. Last week really made me thankful for Josh's safety thus far as an aviator and as a Marine. Please pray for those families who lost husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers last week as well as the military service members all over our nation and the globe as they fight for our freedoms and safety.

I was also told about another families' loss. My good friend Stephanie knows the family through the flight community, as both spouses are pilots in the Air Force. The Sullivan family has had a trying year, to put it very mildly. They found out that Sara had breast cancer in February of this year and then quickly found out she was pregnant with their first child. After discussing options with their doctors they decided to treat the cancer and continue the pregnancy. Their little girl, Chole, was born about 6 weeks early and after a week or so in the NICU, she was sent home. After being home 2 days, Sara begin to have seizures and went back into the hospital. Several days later, she passed away.

Her husband, Brad, has been incredibly strong and if you read their blog ( you will see that his strength comes from God. All I can say is that he has an amazing testimony. Several people have formed a group (Sara Strong) and are participating in American Cancer Society fundraisers in Sara's name. I think this family is amazing and I wanted to share their story with more people, as Stephanie shared it with me.