Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We love you San Diego!

I'm sitting in the new house in San Diego as I type this long awaited (let's hope) blog. Let me fill you in on the events of the last month or two...

We began packing the house before Christmas. One box then another, as February drew closer we had everything in boxes but essentials (big thanks to Maam). We finally picked up the rental truck mid-February. Packed one day, cleaned the next, and the journey began. Since we didn't get on the road until later in the day, we drove several hours and stopped for the night. We started again fairly early on Day 2 and several hours later, the snow began. This was Gray's first snow and possibly his last for quite sometime so we took a few pictures.

We made it to Bastrop and got ready for Gray's 1st Birthday party (celebrated one month early). Gray had a HUGE turn out to his party and most of the attendees had driven some distance to celebrate with him! He blew out his candle and opened gifts with his Daddy. Gray had an amazing time and we were glad to see everyone that came to celebrate with us! I wasn't feeling so great before the party and within an hour or so of everyone leaving, I realized I had 102+ fever. Body aches, fever, you name it. We spent one more night in Bastrop then headed for Texas. We made it to Fort Worth then decided to stop because I still wasn't feeling well.

We pressed on toward El Paso the next night and stayed in a delightful motel on the East side of El Paso. We spent the next day sight seeing and driving West. We visited the White Sands National Monument, where I injured by a cactus. It was Fletch's fault. I have recovered, in case you were wondering. We drove into Tombstone that night and spent the day and next night there. After visiting the OK Corral, Boot Hill, and all of Tombstone's other attractions, we were off again. We stopped at Saguaro National Park (which was amazing) then drove into San Diego after one more full day of driving.

A good friend of Josh's invited us to stay with his family as we looked for a place to live. The Ryberg's were amazing and we were so grateful to have a nice place to stay with a super comfy bed. It was way more fabulous than a hotel and we are eternally grateful! We quickly found a place to live and moved in the week after we arrived in San Diego!

Since arriving in San Diego we have seen lots of sights! We have been to the beach a few times, the San Diego zoo, Sea World, Downtown, etc. We have booked a Whale Watching Tour for this weekend and have plans to go to the Wild Animal Park, LegoLand, a Padres game, a Chargers game, and take an Amtrack ride as time allows! There are so many things to see and places to go here in San Diego, and we are trying to take advantage of it!

That is our trip in a nutshell. We have unpacked almost everything in the house, but I'm still in the process of putting things in their place. There are still some pictures and curtains (which I'm planning to make) to hang but overall it is starting to feel more like home every day. I have about 4 million pictures from the trip, so I'll post again with some photos.