Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January has been insane...

We have had quite a busy month since we got back to San Diego from our Christmas trip. As soon as we got back to SD, Gray got sick. Then I got sick, and in turn Josh was also under the weather. Now we are all able to breath and our sore throats have cleared out. We have been doing lots of early spring cleaning and are finally settling into January. 

And yes. Before you ask. I do realize it is the 26th. 

We also thought there was a move in our immediate future, so I spent many hours searching neighborhoods and Craigslist for a new place to live. As it turns out we will be staying here for at least 16 more months! Hooray! Josh is glad, but I may be glad-er. He hates putting up curtains and I hate hearing him complain about putting up curtains. :)

Yesterday I was playing with my camera and got this ultra cute shot of Gray in the bathtub. Of course, there have been many other things going on at the Gates' household since my last post, but Gray is currently ready for bed, so a longer post will have to wait! I hope this post will tide you over until I can get that Christmas post up in the next day or two. Or twelve.
Monkey loves bath time!