Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Elf on the Shelf!

I decided it would be great fun to get Gray an Elf on the Shelf this year. Josh read him the story while I was decorating the tree and "Tippy"the Elf was born. Why Tippy? Josh asked Gray what we should name him, and Tippy was the first name Gray yelled out. I was hoping for something more festive, like Noel or Jingle or Snowflake or Joy or Yule or Carol or Star or Merry or well... anything but Tippy. Gray seemed pretty set on it, so it's officially written in pen in our book. I think we all know once it's in pen, there is no changing it. It's like a tattoo. It is permanent. 

We talked about Tippy a few times, but Gray's mind was BLOWN when he saw Tippy had left him a note with Lucky Charms the first night. Gray talks about Tippy all the time, basically multiple times every day. This elf watching good and bad deeds all day is genius! Every morning he wakes up and looks for him. We have been trying to be creative (thanks Pintrest!) but it's hard to be ultra creative for 30+ days of Tippy movement. I'm curious if we can do the same things next year and get away with it...

Playing Chess
Chatting with Santa
Reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar  
Playing in the toothpaste 
We celebrated Christmas way early (due to traveling), so this date was WAY off. :)  
My personal favorite. Making snowflakes.
Flour angels
Bubble bath time. 
Checking out the Christmas decorations
Flying the CH-53D. 
This was about half of the places Tippy hung out during November/December. The last night that we were home Tippy made a birthday card for Jesus. I loved how involved Gray was this year with Christmas and presents, but he is also beginning to understand things about Jesus thanks to prayers and Sunday School (even if that's not what SoCal calls it). It melts my heart to hear him talk about Jesus being born in a manger and seeing him give gifts to others. I love Christmas. :)

Do you have any Tippy suggestions for next year? Do you have an Elf that you love?