Monday, December 13, 2010


Gray loves everyone. Except Santa. 

Last year he proved the point by screaming bloody murder on three separate occasions. Real tears included. He was terrified and decided that Mommy laughing was less than desirable if he wanted to be rescued from this terrifying figure. 

Gray and I made the trip to the mall again this year to see Santa. I let him watch the other kids for a few minutes and he even checked Santa out up-close before sitting in his lap. He wasn't sure about Santa but he wasn't terrified. When I put Gray in Santa's lap, he had several reactions. He squirmed. He wiggled. He tried his infamous back arch. The photographer refused to take a single photo while he was between movements (acting natural), so the best shot we got was one just a second after he started to whine. 

There were no tears. No screams. No frightful looks at Santa. Just a "Please let me down mister. You are a stranger and none of the other strangers I see wear such ridiculous clothes. I'm a little worried about you and I would like to get down. Quickly. Thanks." I think this was a vast improvement over last year and if this keeps up, we may get a smile next year! 

Gray says "Merry Christmas Everyone!"


  1. Maybe it was the dip stains on Santa's beard that creeped Gray man out!

  2. This Santa has some serious "Bling" around his neck. An 'ice' key....interesting!!! needless to say, still a cute pic of gray. he matches the couch which is an awesome job on Mom's part!!!!

  3. He will definitely look back on this pic and laugh. =) Santa looks like he is in pain.