Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yucatan Cruise

My sister had the crazy idea that we should go on a Christmas vacation. Mom and I talked her out of a Christmas cruise, in favor of a New Year's cruise! We left on the 26th headed to New Orleans and got on board a Carnival cruise ship. We stopped in Cozumel and Progresso.  

Carnival has scheduled activities for kids basically every day you are on the ship (even days at port). Gray and Claire spent a few hours in the kid zone every day. We found that it was easier to have dinner without them (by feeding them first and dropping them off) and that they had tons of fun with the Carnival people. They went on treasure hunts and had a prince/princess party. They made tons of hats and had face painting,  it was so cute to see what they did every day. 
The kids loved sitting in the window in our cabin. 
Our first stop was in Cozumel. Jennifer found Chankanaab Park the last time they were there, so we went to it for a few hours. They had a little show with sea lions and seals, which was really cute and the kids loved. The park also offers swimming with dolphins, but we skipped that and headed for the beach. Jennifer, Bob, and Lexie snorkeled for a little while. Gray, Clarie, Mom, and I stayed on the little beach for kids because Gray loves the water. The water is much warmer in Mexico than it is here in California, so Gray stayed in over an hour. I think he would have stayed longer, but he got a little chilled so I made him get out. (He will have full body shakes and be turning blue, but not be ready to get out of the water at home.) We left the park and did a little shopping before heading back to the boat. It was a pretty relaxing day, and everyone had fun. 
Ma'am and Gray in Cozumel. 

Gray and Lexie loved Chankanaab Park in Cozumel. 
Gray and Uncle Bob watching the seal/sea lion show at the park. 

Gray loved the little bay for kiddos. Plus the water was WAY warmer in Mexico than it is here in California! 

Our next stop was Progresso. We had plans to visit the Dzibilchaltun Ruins, just outside the city of Progresso. We did a little shopping in the market before getting on a tour bus and heading to the ruins. Good Lordy it was hot out that day, but the ruins were very interesting. They let people climb on them and we had a guide that gave some information about what we were seeing. There was a freshwater sinkhole at the ruins that people swim in. We were told it was 200 feet deep, so I wasn't even remotely interested in getting Gray close to that! It was really pretty to look at though... I loved the trip to the ruins, but wouldn't want to go in the summer because if it's hot in December, I don't want to know what it's like in July! 
Making time for a little shopping in Progresso.
Trying out the swings/hammocks. He approved. 
We spend one day at the Dzibilchaltun ruins.

The freshwater sinkhole at the ruins.

Carnival has so many fun things for kids! 
The kiddos!
Build a moose! Gray wanted a pirate moose. :)

Once we made it back to New Orleans, we stopped at Cafe Du Monde for some beignets. I'm pretty sure there is some law that says you can't visit New Orleans without getting beignets. Gray loved his first experience with them and was covered in powdered sugar before it was over with. After the quick around the Riverwalk, we headed back to North LA. 

I think we all had a pretty great time on the cruise. Plus I found out how amazing the kid zone is if Josh and I plan another cruise with Gray anytime soon.
Beignets for the road in New Orleans. 

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