Monday, July 30, 2012

USMC Homecoming!

I mentioned a friend's husband coming back from a deployment, but thought I would share a few more pictures from that day. Homecomings are amazing. Even if you don't know a sole coming home, just the thought of families being reunited is totally amazing. I cry every single time I go to one because I know how special it is to hold your Marine for the first time in months. It's like you can finally relax because they are home safe... What an amazing feeling. 
Lunch at the O Club. 
Waiting for the Marines. 
Finally here! 
Taxing in. Felt like it took FOREVER! 

Self portraits while we wait. 
Just discovered how much Gray loves the self-portrait mode on the new IPhone. 
Marine wives (and Gray)! 
We took Gray to the park on base to play with some of his BFFs after the homecoming and happened to watch Josh fly out (night flight) while we were there! Here he is headed out into the night! He flies all the time, but I never really know when I'm seeing him or someone else, so it's always fun to KNOW it's actually Josh in the air! 

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