Sunday, August 16, 2009

Still unpacking...

I'm working on putting up the rest of the things that are unpacked but don't yet have a home. Josh went surfing this morning and watched Gray when he got home (luckily he didn't have to study) so I got quite a bit of cleaning/putting away done. Josh is starting ground school Monday for the 53, so he will be studying like crazy once again. I've met several other ladies who's husbands are in Josh's squadron so spending time with them helps pass the time! Gray and I have also been antique shopping, to the aquarium, and to New Bern to visit pals.

I took several pictures of Gray boy the other day, so I could have some 4 month shots. It's wild how much he has grown and according to the doctor last week he weighed 17 lbs and is almost 26 inches long! I've got tons of pictures to post from the last month and a half, but most of them aren't even off of my camera yet... I will do my best to upload some pictures SOON!

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