Friday, August 28, 2009

Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS)

Josh is (finally) finishing the last step in his flight training. He is currently in a Fleet Replacement Squadron, where he is learning to fly the CH-53. He actually flew the helicopter in Pensacola, when some guys from here flew down for the day. He LOVED flying the 53 then, so I know he is getting more and more excited to fly it full time. He is learning the purposes all of the little button and knobs on the aircraft and has started flying simulators. I think he should be flying in a week or two. While we are in North Carolina, he is a member of the Marine Helicopter Training Squadron 302 (HMT 302).

The wives in the squadron are very nice and several of the more experienced ladies hosted a lunch for the student's spouses to discuss San Diego. They gave us TONS of great information about where to live, where not to live, fun stuff to do in San Diego, etc. Josh and I are so ready to move to California, because North Carolina isn't really that great PLUS everyone that goes out to San Diego loves it. Josh will deploy pretty quickly once we get out there, so I'm planning on several fun things for Gray and I to do to help pass the time. We hear the San Diego Zoo is amazing, as is Sea World. I also have a need to visit Disney Land, partly because I have never been but partly because I didn't have the chance to visit Disney World the whole time we were in Florida! You think Gray will enjoy these mini-trips as much as I will?

Other than thinking about California and Josh beginning to become familiar with the CH-53, not much exciting has been going on in North Carolina for us. The hurricanes are ruining the weekends for us with all the rain and thunderstorms they are bringing. Gray and I are spending lots of quality time together, and getting a little sewing done on the side. Which reminds me, while Gray is napping, I'm going to try to finish this quilt top. I still haven't uploaded pics, so I'll try to do that and post some new ones ASAP!

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