Wednesday, November 24, 2010

USMC Birthday Ball!

The United States Marine Corps celebrates their birthday every year with a Birthday Ball! This year they celebrated their 235th Birthday! HMH-462 celebrated at Knott's Berry Farms resort, near Los Angles, so the day after the ball we were able to spend some time at the amusement park free of charge! Josh was the S-5 officer (I like to think of him as the party planner. :) He also handled the money for the squadron, filled the geedunk, ordered and sold all HMH-462 merchandise, etc.), so he was the ring leader of planning the ball this year. I personally think he, along with the Marines on the planning committee, did an excellent job. I have heard lots of other people say it too, so it much be true! He recently handed the job on to someone else, so he is getting home earlier now. Gray and I are pretty excited about it! 

The Commandant of the Marine Corps always gives a video message at the birthday ball. I'll attach a link to the message in case you want to watch it. Click HERE. You can read something he wrote, but the video is farther down the page. And as a bonus, if you look closely, you will see a few CH-53's! 
Marine's rendition of YMCA after the ceremony!
The ladies at our table!
Josh and I before picking Gray up from childcare.
Josh and Gray on Gray's first amusement park ride! He loved it!  
Josh and Gray on the school bus ride! 
My little varmint loved Knotts Berry Farms!

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