Friday, March 11, 2011

Wild Animal Park

Last week I took Gray to the Wild Animal Park with a friend and her kiddos. I highly recommend the park to everyone who is into that kind of thing. The Wild Animal Park is considerably more fantastic than the zoo because there are way fewer people, it's more shady therefore it's cooler in the summer, less hilly (which is not as much fun as you may think with a stroller), and closer to my house therefore I don't have to deal with the traffic that comes with being so close to downtown. Gray and I both give it an A+. 
This guy was huge and apparently weighs between 3-4 pounds. 
Checking out the ducks.

Gray is trying to share his paci with this bird. 
This kid loves to drive. 
Seriously. He loves to drive. 
Macaws in the aviary show. 
I love it when he sits on the car.

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