Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring is here!

The weather is generally nice here year around, but it can be chilly for a week or two at a time in the winter. That being said, the weather has been fantastic here lately. Like 70ish and sunny with scattered clouds, every day. I'm not complaining. I love this kind of weather and wish that Louisiana would follow suit. I can't tell you how many March days I've suffered through in my lifetime, so let's not even discuss July. Ick. I think I deserve San Diego (as does anyone who has ever spend a summer in the deep south), so I'm unapologetic to all of my friends back home who will be suffering through another humid summer soon. Sorry pals, I'll be glad to host you when you visit. :)

We are starting to have more flowers blooming and more creatures out and about. The bunnies are out in full force again in the back yard. Gray and Fletch have an equal amount of interest. Gray likes to say 'Bunny!' and Fletch likes to chase them out of the yard. At which time Gray will say 'Gone. Gone.' in his saddest voice. When we moved in baby bunnies where everywhere, so I'm waiting on another baby bunny explosion any time. They are so cute so I don't mind them munching on our grass, plus Gray thinks they are fantastic.  
Back yard bunny viewing. Fletch hopped up to get a view too. 
One of our backyard bunnies.
We have been spending more time outside too. Gray is getting old enough that he no longer eats everything he can pick up, so we are starting to trust him a little more. He loves to take his rocket outside and run around on the tiles pushing it. It must be one of the more entertaining things to do because he literally does it every time we go outside. He also enjoys picking flowers and smelling them. We can't figure out where he learned it, but it's precious. 
Stopping to smell the flowers.
With all of the good, the bad comes too. The Marine Corps changes from the woodland camies/flight suits to the desert camies/flight suits. That means I won't be seeing this beauty (uniform pictured below) until next year. I am totally in love with the woodland camies because they are way cuter (which should hold some weight with the USMC but apparently it doesn't) plus the desert flight suits are a nightmare to keep clean. I mean, who wears tan and rolls around in grease all day? Maybe they aren't rolling in it, but the helicopters leak hydraulic fluid not to mention pilots crawl all over the 'bird' (including over and under) to pre-flight the helicopter before every flight. 

Oh the woes of laundry! Such is life. 

Let me add that the desert camies aren't as hard to keep clean as the flight suit, but Josh never wears camies (like the picture below) unless he has duty or some form of meeting. He pretty much wears a flight suit every day. The end.
The last of the woodland camies until next year.
After lunch with Dada at the O-Club. 
Welcome Spring! I've missed you!


  1. I love woodlands more than deserts too! People think I am nuts becuase most people like desert cammies with the rolled sleeves. But personally I think my husband pulls off the green much better than the tan!

  2. Josh in woodlands with rolled sleeves would be a trifecta of sexy!