Sunday, June 12, 2011

Night. Night.

The other night Gray was not ready to go to bed, at least that is what he kept telling me. 

Mommy: "Are you ready for bed?"
Gray; "No, no, no." (in his sweetest voice)

I let him stay up a little longer while I was paying bills, etc. He got out a pillow and a quilt and laid down to watch some cartoons. When I looked up to check on him a few minutes later, he had already passed out.* No matter how wild and crazy of a day we have had, this always melts my heart. 

*We sleep with PJs (it generally gets cold here at night), but he spilled something all over them so we were going to get a fresh pair when we went back upstairs to bed. Luckily he pretty much slept through getting another pair on and went right back to bed.   

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  1. How cute is that?! Gray has got to be the cutest little boy ever. Sorry about the sprinkler. =(