Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Keeping Busy.

Josh has been busy preparing/training for this deployment, so Gray and I have been looking for ways to keep ourselves entertained. I finally started (and finished) quilting the a quilt top I completed piecing a few months ago. To be honest, I was pretty scared to quilt it. I've made quilt tops, but I always send them to a fabulous lady in Arkansas to have them quilted. After considering taking the next step in the quilting process for a LONG time (and reading a lot and watching a ton of YouTube videos), I finally decided to just try it. I was scared to potentially ruin the whole project, but as it turns out quilting isn't really all that hard. I wouldn't want you to inspect the finished product up close, but I like to think it's a pretty good first try! I don't think I ruined it! The binding is also completed, but I'm considering ripping it out because I'm not ultra-happy with the end result. I should have just done that by hand... 
Back of the quilt. 
Gray loves the finished product!

Gray and I tried a new church last week. It's super close to the church we had been going to, but Josh wanted to try something different and a little more traditional. A friend told me about this church several months back and I'm really glad we tried it.
Headed to church. 
After church, Gray and I went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 with a friend and her kiddos. It was a super cute movie and Gray loves popcorn so he was happy. 

No worries. We didn't even get close to finishing this bag of popcorn. If you get the small, Gray spills it all over the ground and freaks out. If you go medium, it's all of .50 more and he never spills much. It's a win-win situation. 
Watching the Cars 2 preview.
He is SO excited about that coming out this summer!
We have gotten into a few other things (like starting a new quilt) and cleaning up the house and yard in Josh's absence. It's all too exciting to blog about. I know that makes you sad, but maybe my next post will be about washing out the baby pool after Gray threw no less than 15 rocks and 1 lemon into the water last week.

*Don't judge my iPhone pics. :)

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  1. Your quilt is beautiful. You've inspired me to try it. Gray just looks so cozy on his. So sweet. Love the pic from the movie. He looks very focused. =)