Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Glass Blowing

A group of chicks from the squadron got a Groupon for a glass blowing class several months back. We had so much fun the first time we went, a friend and I had to go back. Since Casey and I had already been once, they let us make a vase on this trip (which is an upgrade from the glass we made the first time). Josh didn't think we actually did anything and the instructor did most of the work, which is totally not the case. Naturally he is standing there and will take over if you are about to destroy the glass. In our case the top of the vase was something we haven't done, so he took over for the very end to flare out the ends. I'm glad he took over at that point though because I wouldn't have known what to do and it would have been destroyed for sure. I'd really love to go again, wonder if Josh would be willing to try it. 
There was a random guy in our 'class', so here is a shot of him making his glass. 
Casey's creation before it really started to take shape.  
This is the hottest part of the process! 

Casey opening up the vase. 
My finished product! 
These are cell photos, so they aren't the greatest but you get the idea. If you have the chance to do this, I highly recommend it! We had tons of fun! 

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