Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Halloween in San Diego is considerably different than it would be at home in Louisiana. For starters, there would be no awesome Hangar 4 Trick-or-Treating! More importantly, there isn't any family close enough for Gray to swing by their homes to trick-or-treat. :( 

Gray was Lightening McQueen this year. He didn't seem to notice that McQueen is a race car and he was dressed like a race car driver, so I didn't mention that detail. He loved this costume and luckily he was able to wear it and celebrate in several festivities before Halloween. 

The squadron did a couple of things for the kids. Gray always loves the hangar party, because you get to see Marines (Daddy was there last year) AND helicopters PLUS get candy!! We also attended an event at the movie theater on base and watched a short Shriek film and got a few more goodies! 

We also drove north about 20 minutes to a really awesome pumpkin patch. He was able to ride a pony, pick out a pumpkin, and go on a hay ride! Several of Gray's pals met us up there, so all the kids loved the trip. The farm has a small store with a bunch of toys, decoration, dried fruits, and candy, so I picked up some goodies for Josh while we were there. Apparently the chocolate covered gummy bears were sinful. I hope you had a Happy Halloween! 

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