Monday, May 7, 2012

Pacific Beach. Here we come!

I did a quick Google image search and found this image taken in Pacific Beach to show you the beach near our new digs. I think this photo may be a little misleading, because every time I go down to the beach at PB there is a lot of seaweed and even more people to be found on the sand. Nevertheless, this is a beautiful photo of the pier in Pacific Beach. 

Amazing sunset.  
The first time we drove down to PB, I remember seeing Brody Jenner! I almost yelled out to my old friend (I think that is a fair term, because I know him better than most of my FB friends), but quickly realized it was his doppelgänger. Then I spotted Brody again, only to find out that 96% of 20-something males in Pacific Beach looked just like Brody. Since that was one of the first days we were here in San Diego, I did not understand that there is a style out here unlike any other I had seen. Shockingly, Brody Jenner isn't the only boy in North America who wears flat brimmed hats. Or tank tops (Think West Coast tank, not white trash tank. There is a remarkable difference.) Or entirely too much black. Or sunglasses that are clearly (at least in the deep south) made for women. It's actually the norm around here. Who knew?

But seriously, Brody does live just a couple hours north of here. Plus he doesn't have a real job as far as I can tell, so it could have been possible for me to run into him. Stranger things have happened... All of that is to say that "West Coast Casual" is real and I am loving it. We wear jeans to church half of the time, I can were flops basically anywhere. I'm loving California! 

Anywaaayyyy, back to my original post. PB is famous for young people who love night life. Luckily our new homestead is a few miles away from the beach in a quiet little neighborhood so we aren't surrounded by hooligans (man, I've really aged a lot in 5 years) at all hours of the night, BUT we are close enough to enjoy all the exciting things we have been missing out on living 'inland.' Josh and I are both so excited to get moved and settled in, so we can really get to know the area. I can't believe we have less than 20 days until we pick up the keys to our newest home. Actually 18, but who is counting? It's like moving to a whole new city, but without having to make new friends! It's going to be awesome!! 

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  1. Hooray!! I can't wait to come visit you!! And not in that "you live somewhere cool, so sure I'll come visit sometime." But in the real "about to buy plane tickets and $45 zoo tickets." Again - hooray!!!