Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Gray is officially a big kid. He has successfully completed a trip to the dentist, so I'm pretty sure he can't be a baby anymore. He finally has all of his teeth and I thought that he was finally ready to tolerate a trip to the dentist. While Gray being old enough to go to the dentist makes me kind of sad, his entertainment value has gone through the roof and I guess that's the trade off. Babies are cute and cuddly but 3 year olds are hilarious. 
Smiling getting his teeth cleaned with a smile!
He got to pick a prize.
We were referred to a great pediatric dentist here in SD, and Gray did GREAT on his first trip! He let them do x-rays and clean his teeth, which I am still in a little shock over. I did find out that we aren't supposed to be using 'trainer' toothpaste anymore, so it's good that we went when we did. I wonder if the next trip will go this smoothly...

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  1. That kid is seriously cute! And I'm sad daily that Cala is getting so big, but you're right that they get more and more fun and funnier the older they get! Glad that Gray Boy did so well at the dentist!