Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Since we moved...

June has been a wild and crazy month so far. We moved the last week of May and spend several days following getting the old house ready to turn back over to the landlords. To say that I've never been more ready to get out of a place and get away from a landlord, is the understatement of the decade. The second night we were in the new house, the landlord (knowing we weren't staying at the house) decided it was perfectly acceptable to just go in the house without our knowledge. That just so happens to be totally illegal in case you were wondering. Trespassing anyone? I had left the alarm armed, so of course it went off and drama ensued. Not only did we not receive an apology, she later demanded we let her have free run of the house for TWO full days to do general maintenance that is normally done after a tenant vacates, on top of several other days she had already spent in and out fixing things. The landlord did not leave herself any time to make changes because she started the new tenants lease the day after ours ended. Does this give you some idea of some of the ridiculous things we had to deal with for 2.5 years? Again, understatement of the decade. 
Gray on moving day.
Gray was not a fan of the house hunt, but he is a huge fan of the "new house." He loves that he can go from his room to the living room without having to take a parent with him. He is also in love with the yard and the play ground about 6 houses up from ours. This was his 3rd move in three years (from Florida to North Carolina to California to this house), but the first one that he remembers I'm sure. He seems to be right at home here like we never moved.
Memorial Day. Loving the new backyard! 
Brothers. One is a lot more relaxed than the other. :)
Now a month after we moved down to the beach, we are mostly unpacked (4 boxes remain). It would all be done by now, but I'm going through everything as I put it up to throw out and donate things that we don't need or use anymore. We downsized a lot when we moved into this house and there isn't room for all the crap we have been lugging around the USA. If you steer clear of the guest room (where I'm hiding the boxes), I think it looks pretty put together. Curtains and hanging the rest of the pictures is next on the to do list! 

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