Thursday, September 17, 2009

Willow Grove and Baby Claire's arrival!

Last week, Josh flew up to Willow Grove (which I believe is in Pennsylvania) with about half of the squadron to get some flights completed. While he is there he is completing his first 'real' flight in the CH-53! We haven't had much time to talk since he left, but he apparently is spending most of his time studying for the briefs and flights he will have the next day. He said yesterday they practiced auto-rotations, which basically the pilots kill the helicopter in mid-air then turn it back on and narrowly escape death. Maybe that's not how Josh would explain it, but that's what I understood an auto-rotation to be. He has flown almost every day since he has been up there, so I imagine he will be a pro by the time he gets back!

Since Josh was leaving for about a week and a half, Gray and I decided to head home to meet baby Claire. We left Tuesday (after Labor Day) and drove all day to make it to Jackson. It was about a 14.5 hour trip with the two stops we had to make for Gray (in case you were thinking of visiting us). Gray was a trooper and even Fletch behaved himself and kept the whining to a minimum. Claire was born Thursday, September 10th at 12:33pm. She weighed 7 lbs, 3 oz and was 19 inches long. She is so tiny and so sweet! Gray promptly tried to poke her eye out, but I think it was all out of love.

He is very excited to have a cousin around that is close to his size at Maam's house. Gray and Maam have had a fabulous time and he even got to meet some of my friends that hadn't had the chance to see him yet. He has enjoyed our trip, but he keeps telling me how much he misses his Daddy! We will be headed home this weekend, giving us plenty of time to be on the flight line Tuesday to pick Josh up!

Baby Claire!
Our first meeting. 
Gray loves Claire!
Ma'am and her grandbabies!

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