Friday, September 25, 2009

Home again!

Gray and I arrived safely back home in Jacksonville just in time to pick Josh up on Tuesday. Everyone (Silas and Fletch included) was still in the car so it was a packed car ride home. Josh thinks Gray doubled in size in the two weeks we were gone, (which may be a little dramatic) but he is now sitting up VERY well and he was pretty wobbly before we left for home.

Gray is putting his bottom in the air and then putting his chest in the air, which I think means he is trying to crawl. Before too long he will be able to get up and take off and I'm scared there will be no stopping him then! We also have plans to trim his hair this weekend (it's getting a little wild) and to feed him for the first time! I'm working on teaching him to hold his own bottle, but we don't seem to be making any progress. Any tips?

Naturally Josh had to work Wednesday and Thursday, but his CO is such a nice guy he gave them a 96 this weekend! In military lingo, that means they got a 4 day weekend! Gray and I are always excited when Josh has a little time off, because his hours are so crazy and even when he comes home he usually has more studying to do! We are planning to spend some QT together and have a mini-birthday celebration for me!! I can't believe my 28th birthday is tomorrow!

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