Monday, July 19, 2010

Encinitas Car Show

Josh and I were asked to be guest judges at the Encinitas Rods and Woodies Classic Car Show last week. Naturally, the USMC had other plans and Josh was detained at work. At the last minute, I asked a friend and her 2 kiddos to join Gray and I in Encinitas. 

The traffic was terrible (Who knew?) so my 15-20 minute drive was easily a 30-45 minute commute to get to Encinitas. We were WAY late for the judging, so we were asked to come back next time since all of the awards had been given out! I was sad about going without Josh, but now he can go with me AND pass out some awards! If you are into fun things to do in the area, I recommend going out to this car show in Encinitas! Angela and I thought it was pretty fun and it was free! You can't beat free!

A Woodie with two sweet surf boards on top!

What a cute little VW Bus!  

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