Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Miramar Air Show

The Miramar Air Show was at the beginning of October this year. Gray had never been to an air show, and this is one of the bigger ones (on Earth). I thought it would be a great idea to take him, but his teeth different plans. We didn't get to stay long because he was incredibly fussy and it wasn't worth everyone suffering. We did have a little time to hang out and check out some of the planes/helicopters that were on the flight line. It was too hot out to stay long so the teeth didn't totally ruin our trip. I hope that next year the teeth won't be an issue and Gray will enjoy it more since he will be a little older. 
He thinks he sees his Dada, but it's actually some random guy in a flight suit. 
Checking out a Navy 60 with his Screw Crew tattoo!
Gray loves airplanes!
I finally see the Blue Angles after living in Pensacola for 2 years! Very exciting!
Biggest. Plane. Ever. 

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