Friday, October 1, 2010

New Mexico.

Gray checking out the emergency exits and oxygen mask situation on the plane.
Gray and I recently went to New Mexico. One of my cousins got married and it was my birth-weekend! We went to the wedding and also enjoyed the sights. We were sadly in Albuquerque the weekend before the balloon festival, so that was less than fabulous but we had more than enough to see and do while we were there! 

On my birthday we went to the Petroglyph National Monument. I have dreamed of going here since elementary school, so it was a super birthday present!  The park is split into several locations. We had to walk a long way (with no stroller) and it was pretty warm outside in one part of the park. In another location the petroglyphs were on the mountain side, so there were lots of steps and some rather steep drop-offs. It was pretty exciting for me and I loved every minute of it! I recommend it to all! 
Gray had a fabulous time too!
I think it was because he could run everywhere.
Gray and I after climbing a small mountain and seeing lots of neat petroglyphs!
The next day we went to the wedding and it's festivities. Gray has only been to one wedding, so he wasn't sure how to act. He did fairly well considering he HATES to sit still unless he is watching Toy Story. The wedding was nice and fun times were had by all. 

The happy couple!
Gray's entertainment? A fish which is also the centerpiece!
The next day, Mom, Aunt Robbie, Gray and I drove up to Santa Fe. Everything was so different up there. The houses were all adobe and the flowers were still in bloom (they are blooming here in SD too but not so much in Louisiana). New Mexico is nothing like any other state, and it's pretty fun to just drive around and enjoy the scenery that is the southwest. I also figured out pretty quickly that EVERYTHING has chilies! Some are decorative, you can find them growing everywhere, and people cook with them for every meal. 
Native Americans selling their wares. 
Gray love art!
Gray and Maam!
After lots of window shopping and sight seeing in Santa Fe, we left and headed further North and West to Bandelier National Monument. This is another one of those parks I have wanted to see forever and Gray is racking up stamps at all of the National Parks he is visiting! 
Bandelier National Monument
Cliff dwellings in Bandelier. 
Gray is also a super intelligent child. He learns new things without humans ever teaching them to him. I think he picked this one up so quickly because he tried to be more like Fletch every day!
Gray is a baby of many talents. 
After an extended weekend of wedding fun, family time, and lots of sight seeing, Gray and I got on a plane back to San Diego. We had a fabulous time in New Mexico but we were (as we always are) ready to see Josh and sleep in our own beds again! 
Leaving Las Vegas. 

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