Friday, October 29, 2010

San Diego Zoo

The day before I left CA for a quick trip home, one of my best/favorite friends (and most of her family) came down to San Diego. They were in California on a business trip, so they took a day off to drive South to see the zoo. I totally love Tam and her family is equally awesome, so we made a day of it. The zoo is so big that we didn't see everything, but Gray and I saw some new things that we haven't seen before, which is always exciting.  
Jack and Gray watching the orangutans. 
Tamara's kids and Tana's (Tam's younger sister) little girl and Gray got along swimmingly, as always. Gray was also glad to have some people (read: suckers) around that would carry him for a while. He acts like it's so taxing to ride in a stroller.
Gray and Stella taking a snack break. 
A couple shots of the cute animals.
Koala bears are so stinking cute.
Me and T! Our only picture at the zoo. :(
I'm so glad they came down to SD and that I was still in town, so we could actually hang out for several hours! Gray and I were both worn out once we got home, but it was such a good day!

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