Friday, April 1, 2011

CH-53 Crash in Hawaii

On March 30th, there was a helicopter crash in Hawaii. You can read an article about it here:

I first heard about the crash and immediately said a prayer for the Marines and families involved. I assumed since I don't know many CH-53 pilots in Hawaii, the likelihood of knowing one of the two pilots injured (or possibly killed) was very small. As I got more information, I knew that of the four Marines in the helicopter, three had survived. The next day I found out that one of the pilots was a friend. We were at HMH-302 together in North Carolina, as well as in Pensacola at the same time. When something like this happens, I am reminded of just how small the CH-53 community is. Thankfully, our friend is now in the hospital on his way to recovery. 
The front end of the downed CH-53 on the sandbar in KBay.
The tail end of the CH-53D.
When I heard about the crash, I thought that it could have easily been Josh in that helicopter that night. The Marine that passed away was only 22. He had deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, but died at home during what probably started as a routine flight. I sometimes take for granted that Josh is coming home every night. However, as the wife of a Marine, you can't worry about what is happening at work or that's all you would do. My heart breaks for this family, and I am continuing to pray for all of the Marines involved and their families. I ask that you add these families (along with all active-duty service members) to your prayer lists. 

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