Thursday, May 26, 2011


Last weekend, we drove up to Carlsbad to see the California Surf Museum. I've read a lot of stuff about how cool it is, so I figured Josh needed to see it. We got there and got inside before we realized just how small the museum really is. We just missed the "Women in Surfing" exhibit, but there were tons of boards that were apparently pretty neat. Josh kept telling me about this board or that surfer. I wasn't really all that impressed, but I don't surf. If Laird Hamilton and his lovely wife, Gabby (Reece) were browsing through the museum I would have been considerably more impressed. Just check him out in Google images. You will be impressed too. Seriously, go Google him (or click on that link). 

It all turned around for me when I saw Bethany Hamilton's (no relation to Laird that I'm aware of) board. She is the girl the movie Soul Surfer is about. If you didn't hear about the accident when it happened, I assume you have heard about the movie. I couldn't get over the sheer size of the bite into her board, and how she survived the attack. The info said they estimated the shark to be 15 feet long and weigh over a ton. This is why I don't like the ocean. Well, that and the movie Jaws

On a side not, I realize this is an irrational fear. In case you were wondering, I will get in the water. I would just prefer to be able to see (like SCUBA) or have shark spotters around me (above and below water) at all times. I'm always a little concerned that I might be gulped up in a moments notice, and Gray will have to be raised knowing a shark ate his poor mother. I should add that some of the people who filmed Jaws will not go into the water anymore (like Steven Spielberg), so don't judge.

Anyway, that was the thing that I paid the most attention to in the whole museum. I even read the little cards. If you are into surfing, I would recommend the museum. If you are like me, well... not so much. 

After we toured the museum, we walked down to the Carlsbad Pier. I could see that on a pretty day, it would have been quite nice. It was another one of those weekends at the beach, where a coat was required. What's up with San Diego this spring/summer? 

Watching surfers.

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  1. Oh my gosh. That bite is gigantic. Bless that poor girl's heart. What an amazing story to overcome that though. Simply amazing. If you let Gray go surfing, make him stay real close to the shore.