Friday, August 5, 2011

The Help

A few ladies in the squadron and I decided to start a play group, a book club, etc while our Marines are deployed to help keep busy and pass the time. We are getting ready for our 1st book club meeting and the book we have basically picked out (to be decided at the first meeting) is The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Several ladies mentioned an interest in reading it, so I decided to get a sample of the book on my shiny new Nook Color to see what it was about. 

As soon as I downloaded the sample, I was turning pages as quickly as I could read. Kathryn Stockett has a way of writing that makes you want more. I bought the book and finished it the next day. I had to read during nap time and stay up until 3am, but I finished it in two days. If you haven't heard about this book, I would recommend you read the description because I passed it over several months back without a second thought. I wish I had read it then.  

While Kathryn Stockett is a bestselling author, it just so happens that she is also a Phi Mu.  Check out this article in The Aglaia (a Phi Mu publication)! 

*Apparently Michael Phelps mom is also a Phi Mu. I guess I should actually read The Aglaia more often... 

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  1. Well I'll be!! I didn't know she was a Phi Mu! I don't even get my Aglaia anymore! I'll need to resign up! But I did just read this book too (got it on my phone to read while I fed Cala) and LOVED it too!! Hope the movie doesn't suck b/c I'll put myself through it regardless!! My monkey said she wants to meet your monkey! :)