Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nook Color

Josh asked for and received a Kindle for Christmas. He buys new books while sitting in the living room. He takes it with him on vacation. He reads books in bed. In short, he loves it. 

I've been watching on the sidelines telling myself I don't need another electronic device. With the computer, phone, cameras, chargers, and cords in tow when I travel, I don't think I could handle the extra weight or my shoulder may break carrying it all around in my purse (Only kidding. Even I'm not that dramatic.). I've also been thinking about the endless possibilities. Maybe I could ask for one. Birthday? Anniversary? Christmas? 

No more buying books and trying to find room on the book shelf. That alone was almost enough to sway me. I got more interested as time passed, so I did some research. I decided that I really like the Nook Color because of it's size and the backlit display, so I can read in bed while Josh sleeps. I also like that you can download magazines and newspapers directly to the device (Less paper clutter! Wahoo!) and that there is a place for additional external memory. I loved that it has children's books (some are animated) that you can chose to read yourself, or the Nook will read it to you. How much will Gray love this!?! 

I decided it was the e-reader for me and picked on up at the Barnes and Noble right up the street. I got a pretty cute pink cover for it too. 
Nook Color
Ooohh! Pretty colors!
I think Josh buys me the nicest anniversary presents! Don't you? 

The day after I bought the Nook (and informed Josh I had gotten a great anniversary gift from him*), Josh sent me an email with lots of mushy stuff about how great I am and lucky he is, plus his plans for a spa day for me. The Nook is great, but not as great at being married to the most thoughtful guy in the world. He is fighting bad guys AND planning a spa day for me. That's right ladies. He is all mine! 

*I should add that I wasn't expecting any gifts (like he has time to worry about that while he is deployed). I told him I was considering the Nook. Turns out he was planning on the Nook plus a spa day/wine tasting. That fantastic email would have been enough. :)  

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  1. Your hubby is pretty great! Mine is too and said he'd let me go get a massage this week while he watches the baby!! I think he'll let me get my toes done too!!!! :)