Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Bunny!

This week, Gray and I went to the Heavy Lift (helicopter) Squadron's Easter party on base. Josh had to work so it was just the two of us. Gray hunted eggs for the first time, so it took him a minute to figure out that he was supposed to put the eggs in the basket, not just pick them up and put them back down. It was pretty cute to watch, I can't lie. He went for an egg at the same time as a little girl, but he beat her to it. Once he realized she was trying to pick it up, he put it in her basket. What a proud Mommy moment! My baby is learning to share! :) 
Gray. Loved. This. Slide. 
Waiting for the hunt to begin.
Who doesn't love people in cammies walking around during an egg hunt?
Checking out his loot. 
"Look at Mommy for one picture."
He turns his back and crosses his arms. I'm not even kidding. 
He spotted the Easter Bunny and I told him to wait to chat with him until after he hunted eggs. Once the egg hunting was done, the Easter Bunny had moved at least 100 yards away. Gray spotted him and high tailed it after the Bunny. You would think a kid who was terrified of Santa last year (2010) wouldn't be a fan of a huge bunny, but I guess times they are a-changin'.

Bunny Love. 
We hit the mall after the Easter party to get an Easter outfit for Gray. Turns out we had a mini-shopping spree for next years wardrobe because tons of things are on sale at the moment. Have I mentioned my love for Baby Gap before? Their clothes are always so stinking cute, plus they are well made. I have decided that Gymboree is lame unless you have little girls or are looking for button-up shirts. I was all pumped when I walked in and saw helicopter shirts galore. Then realized they were all ugly, plus had tons of white.  Who buys white for a 3 year old boy? People who like to wash with lots of bleach or people who have too much money? I digress. 

Gray spotted the Easter Bunny and had to see him again. He sat down like a big kid and kept making his 'happy face' until he got down. While I was looking at the print, the EB got up (I think he was getting closer to a fan) and started to dance. Gray saw this and had to join in the dancing. Picture Gray and the Easter Bunny breaking it down in the middle of the mall. Awesome right?

Gray is thinking: "Happy Face!"

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