Saturday, April 28, 2012

First Soccer Game.

Gray's first game was a little less fabulous than I had imagined. It was freezing cold in San Diego that morning, and I doubt it has ever been windier. Gray ran out and enthusiastically got the first kick of the game! That's where it all went south. 

He decided he wasn't really into the game about 2 minutes after the game started. Maybe it was because he was cold, maybe it's because his ears were burning from the wind, maybe he needed a nap. Who knows why, but he quickly decided he wasn't into it. We stayed the whole game but Gray didn't play again, unless you count the few seconds he ran around the field (seemingly chasing other kids) with my umbrella. I doubt you will, but there you have it. We have one more game next weekend, so I'm hoping he wants to participate. 


  1. I think he was encouraging his team to perform with that old "poke them into submission" tactic! Pure genius if you ask me!

  2. aaaw, he is so stinkin' cute in his little uniform! Pretty hilarious that he took to the field with an umbrella too. In the world of 3 year old sports, that definitely counts for something.