Friday, February 11, 2011

Book List 2011

If you know anything about the books I normally read, you could say I generally judge books by the cover. If it's cute, I'm in. I've been burned by this method of book selection, but I have also found some fantastic books this way too! 

For example...
Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster
Super cute. 
Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin
Pink and a sparkle-y ring.  Double cute.
Decision Points by George W.
George is ultra-cute.
(No matter what you think about politics, his cute-ness is undeniable!)
 Then there was The Lord of the Rings. Josh has been telling me since the movies came out that The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) was a great read. He also told me I should read it to have a better understanding of the movies. Maybe he is tired of me asking a million questions every time we watch one of the movies...

 I wanted to read The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien after hearing that the movie getting ready to begin production because I enjoyed Frodo's antics during The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I also thought The Hobbit was a much more manageable way to read a book by the same author to give him a test run before dedicating myself to 1000+ pages of hobbits. The Hobbit was written with so much detail and great characters, there were nights I literally couldn't put it down. Which lead to the decision to read LOTR after Christmas. 

As a New Year's resolution of sorts, I decided to read more books this year. That's not to say I don't read. I read all of the Harry Potter series last summer. And Gone With the Wind. And The Hobbit. And a few others I can't recall at the moment. I just want to read more this year and add some variety so I decided this could be the first one on the book list of 2011. 
Turns out it's three in one. The copy Josh had was all three rolled into one book. I'm literally carrying a book around that's the size of a textbook. I think I get looks when I take it into the gym and put it on the magazine holder on the bike. Whatever. It's the best place for me to get some uninterrupted reading time in without being hit in the face by a flying toy. Does that not happen at your house?   

Either way, I've decided to read 12 books this year at a minimum. January, February, and March are all the LOTR books. I've already finished The Fellowship of the Ring and have started The Two Towers. After I read The Return of the King, I'm going straight back to Decision Points by George W. Bush for April's book. I started it before Christmas, but somehow picked up LOTR before finishing it. The first few chapters of Decision Points were fantastic. I can't wait to finish it! 

I'm not making any concrete decisions about the rest of the year, because I would rather pick the books as I go. I have about ten titles in mind, but I'm open to suggestions on books you have read/loved recently.


  1. Great books! I'm going to run out and buy "Bitter Is The New Black" I've heard it's awesome!:)

  2. I highly recommend it! Jen Lancaster is hysterically funny (if you like sarcasm)!

  3. Umm, shouldn't you know that I LOVE Jen Lancaster! Totally reminds me of us! And I'm dying to read decision points, especially since I am a W lover myself, and heavens if this hideous town I live in doesn't love him too (this place has a few redeeming qualities!). I haven't picked up LOTR, but know I would like them. You should read the Hunger Games trilogy--so good I can't seem to start another book since I read them. Well, I did start "The Happiest Baby on the Block" last night--so far an interesting read.