Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weird Weather

The weather has been sketchy in San Diego for the last week. It has actually been raining over half of the week. Normally I would not mind a little rain, but Josh and I had our long awaited hot air balloon ride scheduled for this weekend (my birthday gift from September). It was cancelled due to the weather, so after months of waiting it seems we will be waiting a little longer! I wasn't pleased but Josh seems to think he will be able to make it on the new date (USMC scheduling will determine availability), while I remain skeptical. It's supposed to be in the 50's or 60's this week which is a little cool for San Diego, but I like the cool weather so I'm excited. Hopefully the weather won't be too cold for the trip to the Wild Animal Park Gray and I have planned for this week!

I still have a ton of pictures on one of my cameras that need to be uploaded (and when I find that pesky cord, I will upload them). Until then, here are some recent shots of Monkey. Most of these are IPhone pics. Sorry if they are a little dark and/or grainy!

Don't let Gray see you with a Camelback. He is in love. 
He is also in love with popcorn.
Brushing like a big boy!
OMG. This is so adorable. I can't handle it.
I know you aren't as in love as I am, but you have to admit this is crazy cute!
Gray and Chucky Cheese celebrating at a birthday party! 
Gray in his tunnel.
Sleeping with Mama while Dada stands duty. 
Gray pulled this pillow out so he could watch cartoons (downstairs) in comfort. 
Sippy cup in the jams. 
Sleeping angel. 
Confusing a tent with a sleeping bag. 
Chatting with Mama about this fantastic toy.
The force is strong within Gray. 


  1. I love the new blog design! And you take awesome pics even with a camera phone! They are all so good and Gray is so adorable. =)

  2. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
    I was so glad to finally get the new design up, I'm happy you noticed!