Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day. My Dad would always get us those hearts full of candy (some tasty, some not so much). In elementary school, we always brought a bag full of candy and Valentine's cards home, plus we got to make the coolest crafts. I also love pink. And flowers. I think it's a fun day. 

Josh and Gray got their Valentines this morning, but Josh said mine should be here soon. Does that mean it's a delivery? A singing telegram? A candy-gram? Flowers? I'm on the edge of my seat over here! 

Gray got a few episodes of Curious George on DVD and some candy! I'm sure if he could adequately express how happy he is to be celebrating his 2nd Valentine's Day he would say "I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY AND MY MAMA AND DA FOR MAKING IT AWESOME!!" A little much? Well, he was really excited. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine's Day and eats at least one piece of candy! I also hope we all remember to tell those we love that we love them way more often than once a year! 

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