Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Old pictures. New camera.

I pulled out a camera for Josh to take to Operation Enduring Freedom* with him, and found a ton of pictures I had forgotten were even on the camera. It was kind of like Christmas in May! Here is one shot I found, and maybe the most exciting. Gray rarely looks in self-portraits without grabbing for the camera, but I got lucky this day. I think this was in October or November of last year. 
Mommy and Monkey 
Josh and I rarely visit restaurants we have back home because San Diego has so many fantastic places to try, and Josh isn't the biggest fan of chains. One day we randomly got the hankerin' (Is that real word or just a word Southerners made up?) for something from Chili's. It's been so long I can't even remember what it was now. We decided to get the Molten Chocolate Cake since we haven't had one in what seems like decades. Gray had never had one before, so at the first bite he thought he had died and gone to Heaven. 
Gray's 1st Molten from Chili's 
I recently had a camera fiasco (not my 'good' camera, the point and shoot), where someone dropped it and basically broke the camera in such a way that I could see the insides of my camera. It wasn't pretty. The 'fiasco' as I will refer to it, was wrought with drama. Luckily it has been resolved. All of that is to say, I got a new point and shoot for my purse/diaper bag. I'm fairly excited about the prospect of a new camera. Now, I've just got to see how it performs. After owning a digital SLR (the kind of camera that can switch lenses) the quality of most point and shoot cameras leaves something to be desired. Gray is much to fast to get crisp images, so I hope this new camera can do the job when I'm not carrying the DSLR around. So far, so good.
Gray loves books. 

*1. Yes. Josh is deploying to the Middle East. 
   2. No. I'm not scared he is going to die. 
   3. He should be gone between 6-9 months. 
  4. Please don't ask me any specifics as to his time of deployment, where he is going, etc via the Internet. Troop movement isn't something to be freely discussed, as it could put lives in danger. It is even possible that the enemy could take tidbits of information from lots of places and figure out missions, etc. It's not good. If you want to know more information, just call me. :)

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  1. Good photos, boo hiss on Josh's deployment, you should come home for a while, just saying :) I'll call you if I want to be more nosey about the details, or just to hear your funny self!! Hugs!