Thursday, May 19, 2011

Torrey Pines

We decided to take Monkey to the beach a few weekends ago since the weather was so nice. It has been very pretty outside in general, but every weekend the weather seems to get yucky. This weekend was different, so we decided to take Gray out. One of the greatest things about San Diego is the myriad of beach choices. Torrey Pines is pretty close to the house. It has tons of families, but isn't always the best to surf. Since Josh didn't bring his board, we picked Torrey Pines because there is a lagoon that runs into the ocean that's pretty tame. It's awesome because Gray can play in the water, but not in the huge waves that happen in the Pacific. He didn't seem to mind that he wasn't in the ocean because he had so much fun in the lagoon. We ran into our next door neighbors, so we all had a good time (until it was nap time). 
Dada putting sunscreen on the Monkey. 
Gray loves the beach!
Running for the water!
Jumping in the water.  
I hope we have a few more pretty weekends to take Gray to the beach before Josh deploys... 

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