Friday, May 20, 2011

Wild Animal Park

Gray and I try to visit the SD Zoo or SD Wild Animal Park at least every month or so. We went back to the Wild Animal Park again, because it is closer to home and is always less crowded than the zoo. We went into the butterfly pavilion for the first time (I find something new practically every time I go) and Gray loved it! He is a big fan of butterflies and birds, so the whole thing was pretty exciting. He kept pointing at butterflies and saying "butterfly" (which actually sounds like fly). He also pointed at the flowers and said "flowers" (which actually sounds like flou-ie)! Very exciting. 
Spotted a butterfly!
Gray 'helping' the other kids find butterflies. 
Some were huge.
It was so hot in SD that day.
This face cracks me up.  
After we had seen all of the park we could handle that day, we headed to the carousel then home. Gray has only ridden this carousel (or any carousel for that matter) once. The first time he was pretty excited about it for a few seconds, then freaked out. This time he wouldn't sit on the animals at all. We decided the handicapped bench was much more exciting (in that it was much less scary) and he loved his ride! He even said "WEEEEE!" while we were riding. Too cute!
Loving the carousel!

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