Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pacific Beach

A friend of ours has started a scholarship at the Naval Academy for a Marine who was killed in action last May in Afghanistan, so Josh and I drove down to Pacific Beach to support the cause. After we spent a few hours (and lost the raffle for the trip to Mexico) we decided to head home to get Gray and relieve the babysitter. We walked down the PB pier so Josh could watch the waves before heading home. We quickly realized that there was a junior surf competition going on, so we had to watch the guys surf for a few minutes. 

While Josh was observing, I was watching this kid catch sharks while fishing off the pier. To say I was impressed is not really a good description. I couldn't stop staring. I'm sure he thought I was insane. He told me he caught them pretty frequently. 

I think maybe where there are babies, there are mommies... 
Baby shark.
Watching the surf competition. 
You see what I meant in the previous post about the weekend weather in San Diego lately? It was a muggy cold (kind of like Louisiana in January) with no sun at the beach. At our house 10 miles inland? Beautiful, sunny, perfect. That makes no sense. 

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  1. The sharks definitely scare me, but otherwise, I am in love with San Diego. Y'all are always finding such fun stuff. Love the pics.