Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Robot Birthday Party!

Maybe I went a little craft overboard with Gray's birthday party, but I think it turned out pretty cute! The weather was a little sketchy that morning so we switched to our house from the park at the last minute. It barely sprinkled all of 3 minutes, but I think we were better safe than sorry. The house worked out fine as we were inside and outside and our friends brought over their small bouncy house. The kids loved it while they were outside and they played with Gray's toys inside. 
Robot invites from
If you haven't discovered, please go now!


Josh grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone and Mom made some delish pulled pork too so the food was good. We had a few snacks and cake. Mom and I made the cake. It was more drama-filled than I thought it would be, but I learned not to cut a chocolate cake and try to ice it. Just buy white cake and life will be easier. I'm not sure how the professionals do it, but I think we tried harder than they do because they are bound to know some tricks to prevent the extra effort. 

Robot Cake. 
Goodie bags.
Some of the goodies in the bags.
Robot rubber duckies, robot bubbles, robot crayons, etc!
Part of the birthday banner!
Giant robot! He was about Gray's size!
Birthday boy!
Robot Birthday Shirt!
My last craft mission before the party!
Opening gifts with Dada!
Reading his Curious George book from Grammy!

Blowing out the candle!
Sharing cake with Mommy!
Such a sweet birthday boy!
The weather ended up being beautiful and every one had fun. Gray had a great time with the kids that came to party with him, and he got some really fantastic presents. He hasn't quite figured out the birthday party is all about him, but I think next year he will totally understand! 

If I plan to be this crafty next year, I'm going to need to start on theme ideas. Any suggestions? 


  1. Those are all so cute Lynder! I love all of it and Gray man is so stinking cute!!! And I've figured it out, Gray has your eyes, and the rest of him if pure Josh, a fab combo if I do say so myself! Teach him to be a gentleman like Daddy and maybe he can date Cala :)

  2. Wow! Your decorations, favors, cake (everything!) was so so cute. You are so creative! Looks like Gray thoroughly enjoyed himself. Happy 2nd birthday to the little man!!

  3. This party looks awesome! I came across your blog from pinterest as I was looking for robot party ideas. Do you happen to remember the name of the Etsy seller that made the invites?

    1. Well, I'm flattered that someone pinned something from my blog!!!

      I do remember her info! Would you like me to email you and give you the info about how I put them together?

  4. Thanks! If you search "robot party" on pinterest you will find your pic! My email is Thanks again.