Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I didn't post much (if anything) about Josh's deployment while he was gone. The main reason for the omission was operational security. It can be dangerous for everyone in the squadron if times and dates are thrown around in public about troop movement, etc. I'm sure it would not have been a big deal to say something about his absence, but I would never want to be the wife who gave away too much information and put anyone at risk. 

That said, Josh is home! Here are a few photos from his homecoming! Best. Day. Ever. 
They took their sweet time opening this door. :)
First family hugs! 
This is was almost surreal, in case you were wondering. 

Gray was so cute. He went to Josh quickly but didn't say a word until we got to the car.
He alternated between looking at Josh and putting his head on Josh's shoulder for 15 minutes. 

It got a little chilly on the flight line. 
One of my favorites from the day. 
I thought Fletch was going to have a heart attack when he saw Josh! He flipped out! 
We had a few days together when he got back then he had a week of work before we were able to take any of his leave. We were both told that the transition back into 'normal' life could be hard, but Josh was able to integrate back into 'our life' without any trouble. Some spouses say it's hard to let the service member back into your daily routine since you have been taking care of everything alone for so long. I found the opposite to be true because it was nice for him to feed Fletch in the morning, take the trash out, or give Gray a bath. Who doesn't like some help with the daily grind? 

He is back at work now and busy with the usual (flight planning, flying nights, getting qualifications, paperwork, pulling duty, etc). It's nice to have him home every night, conversations every day, phone calls, and text messages. Who knew text messages could be so amazing? He will be deploying again. Probably sooner rather than later (we don't know anything at the moment), but for now all that matters is that he is home. All is right in our world. 

**If anyone in SD is looking for a great photographer, I can give you the contact info for Steven L Perry Photography! He took some amazing photos (all but two in this post plus tons more) at the homecoming! 


  1. What a beautiful moment. All these pictures are great. I'm so happy the Gates family is reunited.

  2. Seriously so glad your man is home and safe! The homecoming pics made me tear up a bit! Thank you Josh for your service and Lynder for being a great military wife so I can be free to be just how I want to be! :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed the post. It was such an amazing day, for all three of us. :)