Friday, March 30, 2012


I haven't set aside much time lately for some 'me time' with all the craziness of travel, partying, visitors, etc. I decided that this week was the week for some sewing. I had to have one of my machines worked on back before I left for the holidays because Gray loves the presser foot, and I foolishly left it on when I walked away for a second for a glass of water. He somehow managed to destroy something in the machine in .3 seconds, so it was off to the shop for a cleaning and repair. In the mean time, I figured I could get some quilting completed before our trip (as I had just finished a quilt and wanted to get it finished for Christmas gift) with my other machine. 

Mom gave me a Bernina several years ago that she never could seem to get working. I took it with a very humble comment like, "I'm sure it's the operator, not the machine." She generally is the problem with technology, but in this case she was right. This machine, while pretty expensive, gives me more trouble than it's worth. It needs to be re-gifted back to her but I doubt she would take it back from me knowing it's history of being a trouble-maker. With the deck stacked against me, I decided I could hand quilt the quilt (which is hilarious as I've finished about 1/4 of the quilting since November) and wait until my good machine was fixed. 
Lots of baby things for pregnant friends are now in boxes to be shipped! 
The VW fabric is what I centered the quilt fabric around
because Josh could die happy if he had a VW Bus. 
Now the machine is fixed, and I'm taking full advantage of Gray's new train table and the amount of time he is spending with it this week. I have gotten a great deal of things done that were on the 'to do' list and gotten pretty far along into a quilt for Josh. I have been buying the fabric for this quilt gradually over the last year and deciding on a pattern, but I finally cut into it yesterday. At the rate I'm putting it together, I'll be done in a few days! Hopefully I'll have a completed top to show you soon, but for now I'm headed back to the sewing machine! 

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