Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Worst blogger ever?

I said in January that I was back in the blogging world. Apparently that was a big. fat. lie. I didn't mean to lie to my audience (meaning both of the people who regularly check my blog), I just didn't realize how busy my life was about to be. I must have somehow forgotten that when it rains, it pours. It seems that when your husband comes back from a deployment, there are about a million things to do. Add on top of that an insane landlord and a few other people who shall remain anonymous, things get really stressful pretty quickly. 

Josh got back from Afghanistan in February. Things picked up again as we had a few small trips planned during his leave. He had to work the first week he was back in the states, but was able to take some leave after they wrapped up some things with the squadron. We went up to LA for a few days to show Josh around a few of the most popular tourist attractions then we took Gray to Disneyland! I was a little concerned that Gray wouldn't really be interested in the characters and may be too short to ride the rides, but I was wrong on both counts. He LOVED Disneyland! 

We had a few things on the list in LA that we didn't get around to while we were there, but I plan to take Josh back to the Getty and the Griffith Observatory as soon as I can talk him into braving the traffic again. I'm also dying to visit the Santa Monica pier!

We stopped at the Walk of Fame and saw lots of 'stars.' We walked down to the Chinese Theater amid tons of Oscars construction (that's why there is a big nasty fence behind Josh and Gray in the first pic). We also spent some time driving around town to see the sights like Rodeo Drive,  Beverly Hills, Bel Air, etc.  

Tom Selleck's star on the Walk of Fame. 
Grauman's Chinese Theater
Grauman's Chinese Theater
Shirley Temple's prints. 
And on to Disneyland! This was everyone's first trip to Disneyland and I think we all had a good time. Gray is occasionally skipping naps now, so he did not nap either day we went to Disney. I was worried he would turn into a monster (after a long day of waiting in line and riding rides), but I think he did pretty well (considering he was on antibiotics) with two busy days back to back. I think it helped that we slept in and didn't stay after dark to ride more rides. We actually got 3 day tickets, so we will have to go back ASAP and take Gray to the new Cars section of the California Adventure park!
You can't go to Disneyland and not get some ice cream! 
Gray was blown away by Mader and McQueen! 
I didn't take many pictures while we were on this vacation, so I don't have many to share this time. I'm working on a post about our trip to Sedona, Arizona then I'll have to go back and catch up on our other travels!

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  1. Yay! 50% of your readership is very excited to see a post!! I'm guessing the other 50% is your mom! I'm fumbling with words to convey how very happy I am that the Gates family is reunited. Nothing was more heart warming than seeing that pic of the hug between Josh and Gray. Gives me a lump in my throat thinking about it. PS - I don't know if it was random or purposeful, but I'm so pleased you included a pic of Tom Selleck's star. Because I love him.