Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sedona, Arizona

I've heard how pretty Sedona is a million times, so we decided to spend a few nights there during Josh's leave to have some family time to reconnect and relax. It really is a gorgeous little town, with tons of shopping. It snowed the first day we were there (totally unexpected as apparently the Weather Channel isn't really good at predicting that kind of thing), but it only snowed a few inches and the ground was too warm for it to stick. Gray isn't a fan of coats, so that is always fun in cold weather. After a few minutes of him saying "I don't want it." or "Take it off!" or "Help me Momma!" He finally gets over it. Luckily the weather warmed up a bit every day we were there. 

We spend some time walking around the shops downtown. We took a trolley tour and saw some ruins that are a few miles out of town (down the worst dirt/rock road I've ever driven down). We kept it very low key during the trip and I think it was pretty relaxing. Everything is way overpriced because it's a tourist trap but the city is really beautiful. 

Family photo op on one of the trolley stops. 
A little exploring with Daddy. 
Chapel of the Holy Cross
Gray enjoying the view from the Chapel of the Holy Cross. 

Palatki Ruins outside of Sedona 
He appears to be very interested. 
View of Sedona from the Airport. 
We did not visit any vortexes while we were there, but we did get close to several of them. (BTW A vortex is basically an energy center. Some people report having intense experiences/enlightenment because of these vortexes.) We decided that walking down trails with cactus and climbing up rocks with Gray would probably not be the safest of all activities for a family with a small child. Apparently something like 60% of people who visit Sedona go just for these vortexes. I knew they existed because if you spend any time researching the area you will read about them, but I realized how important some people think they are when we saw so many crystal shops everywhere. We decided we needed to be more New Age to really fit in in Sedona. :) Overall it is a nice place to visit for a couple of days and we were glad that we went to check it out. I think we were all happy to be back home together. 

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